Project Overview

The list of requirements was humongous. Some of the main requirements were that the project:

  • should have at least one has_many, at least one belongs_to, and at least two has_many :through…
The first thing you see when you open JSAAJSE

Project Overview

  • use a collection of objects (not hashes) to store your data.
  • the user has to be able to…
a snapshot of my project

I recently completed my first ever project with React. The parameters Academy Xi (my course provider) gave for the project were:

  • Your app should have one HTML page to render your react application
  • Your app should use multiple components in a way that keeps your code well organized.
  • There should…

It’s time to reflect on how things have been going so far. I’ll start by writing about my struggles.

I knew this path wouldn’t be easy, and it has been tougher than I thought it would be. Sometimes, I am so confused. Often, I have to read something over and…

I decided to study software engineering because it was time for a change.

One of my first jobs was in sales. From that experience, I knew I didn’t want to do sales. I then used my sales experience to get a job in communications. From that experience, I knew I…

Blake McDermott

I'm a human person with human problems.

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